Adele "Wildcat" Lyon
Private First Class
Age 23
Health 80
Movement Speed 330
Class Special Weapons Special Weapons
Autogun Damage Autogun Damage 4 / 5
Piercing Bullets Piercing Bullets 2 / 5
Reload Speed Bonus Reload Speed Bonus 3 / 5
Damage Bonus Damage Bonus 4 / 5
Speed Bonus Speed Bonus 4 / 5


Growing up, Wildcat hadn't anticipated following in the footsteps of her military family. In school, she'd dreamed of corporate life, business suits, a nice corner office. But the swarm took that away. Every able-bodied man and woman in her age cohort was funneled into hopeless defense of the colonies. By the time she was twenty-five, the cause was lost -- the colonies decimated, her family dead and scattered. Wildcat transfered into an elite unit to continue the fight.


  • "Who dares, wins."
  • "Meow!"


  • Wildcat's line, "Who dares, wins" is the motto of several elite special forces around the world, including Britain's SAS.
  • Wildcat's Speed Bonus makes her the fastest character in the game, and compensates for the speed penalty of wielding the Autogun and Minigun.

UT 2k4 BioEdit

Wildcat is a fiery young soldier, one of the few trained to use the special IAF heat tracking weapons. She signed up after losing a close friend to the bugs when they broke into a long distance Transport ship while everyone was in hypersleep. She saw the flight recorder vids, the bugs swarming through a hole they'd dug in the hull and popping the cryo tubes like eggs. She's got a mean streak and you can see the fire in her eyes when she's hunting.

UT 2k4 AppearanceEdit


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