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This page lists primary weapons: the often lethal tools that the marines put to use against the aliens. Each marine can equip up to two primary weapons in each of their first two interchangeable slots. The third slot is for the sole use of offhand items listed under the equipment page. Most of these weapons are manufactured by the SynTek Megacorporation.


Officers Officers

Special Weapons Special Weapons

Medics Medics

Technical Specialists Techs

Vindicator Vindicator

Autogun Autogun

Minigun Minigun

Devastator Devastator

Healgun Medical Gun

Healbeacon Heal Beacon

Healgun Medical Amp Gun

Prototyperifle Prototype Assault Rifle

Not class-specificEdit




Assaultrifle Assault Rifle

22A4-2 Combat Rifle Combat Rifle

Twinpistols Twin Pistols

Desert Eagle Desert Eagle

Shotgun Shotgun

Teslacannon Tesla Cannon

Railgun Rail Rifle


Flamer Flamer

Marksmanrifle Marksman Rifle

Chainsaw Chainsaw

Grenadelauncher Grenade Launcher

Ammosatchel Ammo Satchel

IAF Advanced Sentry Gun Bullet Sentry

IAF Freeze Sentry Gun Freeze Sentry

IAF Incendiary Sentry Gun Incendiary Sentry

IAF High Velocity Sentry Cannon Explosive Sentry

Mininglaser Mining Laser

Fireext Extinguisher

50CMG4-1 Machine Gun

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