Alejandro "Vegas" Guerra
Private First Class

Mexico, Earth

Age 23
Health 125
Movement Speed 290
Class Technical Specialists Technical Specialists
Scanner Scanner 3 / 3
Engineering Engineering 3 / 3
Reload Speed Bonus Reload Speed Bonus 2 / 5
Health Bonus Health Bonus 3 / 5
Melee Damage Bonus Melee Damage Bonus 4 / 5

Vegas is an IAF Technical Specialist. He is the more survivable of the Technical marines, enjoying the best melee bonus of all marines and a nice health bonus. The health bonus can sometimes mean the difference between success and failure of a mission that requires a tech marine. Furthermore, he has the better engineering bonus, allowing him or a nearby marine to set up turrets or seal/unseal doors rapidly.


Vegas has an almost savant-like talent for counting and memorization, a skill he put to use in various gambling houses where he won big at poker and blackjack tables. However, fortune is fickle, and after racking up massive debts and angering some important people, he had to get out. Vegas joined the IAF so he could earn the money to pay back his debts (or a sizeable seed fund with which to win back the rest), and to get away from people who want to crush his kneecaps.


  • "4 to 1, eh? I like these odds."
  • "Wanna play a little game?"
  • "¡ADIOS, muchachos!"
  • "Hack complete. What did I win?"
  • "Sweet! Tequila, here I come."
  • "SynUp Cola. Anyone got any cred?"
  • "¡Ten cuidado, bastardo!"
  • "Time to roll the dice, compadre..."


  • Vegas is a new character that debuted in Alien Swarm Source, he was created in the Alien Swarm: Infested Beta on the Source engine. He replaces Gareth Flynn from Alien Swarm 2K4.
  • Both Crash and Vegas seem to share a like for SynUp Cola and will sometimes refer to it when passing it's vending machine in Syntek Residential. If there is a nearby medic - either Faith or Bastille - they will express their hatred of SynUp Cola, with Faith pointing out that it is addictive.
  • Vegas' nickname is an allusion to his previous lifestyle as a gambler.
  • Vegas was actually created back in 2006 for Alien Swarm: Infested an updated of the original Alien Swarm 2K4 mod, built on the Source engine. He debuted on December 8th 2006 in a post by Cythe one of the Black Cat devs.
  • "He's cool! He's a charmer! He's a tech with facial hair! Good with a gun, and formidable with a deck of cards... A whiz with the slots, and a real ladies man And always has an ace up his sleeve... From south of the border..."

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