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V45 Electric Charged Armor
Class: All
Duration N/A
Capacity 3
Secondary None
Notes Stops Infestation, Stuns
Level Unlocked 14


The v45 Electric Charged Armor is an Equipment slot item unlocked at level 14. Despite being classified as armor, it does nothing passively, and needs to be activated. It causes a marine to glow, reduces the damage of melee attacks made against the marine, and stuns the attackers, who suffer mild shock damage. Each Electric Charged Armor has 3 charges; the armor's effects last 12 seconds.

Electric Charged Armor's best use is in getting rid of Parasites that have latched on to you, or in preventing them from reaching you in the first place.


  • Reduces melee damage when activated
  • Prevent infestation when activated
  • Slows infestation when used while parasite is attached


  • Limited number of uses


Activation of this marine armor's high voltage current stuns any attacker coming in contact with the suit, reduces incoming melee damage, and ejects infesting parasites from the armor surface.


  • Activate Electric Charged Armor when entering an area with Swarm eggs to prevent potential infestations by Parasites.
  • If a Parasite does latch on to you, activating the armor will deal damage to the Parasite while reducing the damage you receive; on the easier difficulty levels, this is often enough to remove a Parasite without the need for a Medic to intervene, though you will suffer mild injuries.
  • The Electric Charged Armor can also save your hide if you're surrounded by a horde of Drones.

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