United Industries appears to be powerful corporate entity like SynTek and Telic. They also appear to traffic in off-world black market goods, exotic alien flora and fauna, and proscribed xenonarcotics which they purchase in the poorer Allied Systems and then sell in the wealthy Core Systems.

News ReportsEdit

United Industries Convoy Departs 12/21/52Edit

"A United Industries convoy departs this week from their central colony, headed for the Core Systems. The massive fleet contains at least 25 Leviathan class freighters and has full IAF cover for its journey." "The convey will be bringing in much sought after off-world resources, used throughout the manufacturing and production industries in the Core Systems. They will also be bringing exotic and luxury goods for consumer markets." "United Industries critics accuse them of also bringing in a number of black market goods, including dangerous off-world narcotics." "The IAF has devoted a large defensive force to the convoy, calling the goods 'invaluable to the functioning of the IA.'"

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