The USS Endurance was an IAF Troopship featured in Alien Swarm 2K4 and several community expansion campaigns.

News ReportsEdit

IAF marines missing at Moonspire 12/19/52Edit

"150 IAF marines are still missing after the latest Swarm attack near the colony Moonspire on Antheon Prime, according to a senior IAF officer at a recent news conference held aboard the USS Endurance." "An infantry division of 208 marines was attacked by the Swarm two days ago, while searching the remains of an outpost for possible civilian survivors." "'There is an ongoing effort to find the missing marines,' said General C. Morrison, 'we received a distress signal at around 0200, but the whereabouts of Company 212 is still unknown at this time.'" "'This is a black day for the IAF, but we must fight on,' said Morrison."

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