Timor Station is the seventh and final map in Jacob's Rest the first official campaign.


  • Activate Cable Railway
Locate the power substation for the cable railway and reactivate it. This will start the warhead on a path towards the breeding chamber.
  • Detonate the Warhead
Once the warhead is in position, activate the detonation sequence and blast those evil buggers to hell.
  • Escape via Bloodhound
After completing all other objectives, move your squad southeast to the loading dock for immediate extraction.

Notable ItemsEdit

  • After activating the warhead, taking the western path at the first fork will lead to a Blink Pack.
  • Before the first group of boulders, there is a Mining Laser which can be used to break them apart.
  • Next to the switch used to activate the bridge, there are Assault Jets.
  • Near the biomass obstructing the progress of the warhead, there is a second Mining Laser, an Ammo kit, and a Healing Kit. Lacking another source of fire, the Mining Laser here can be used to burn away the biomass.
  • After clearing the biomass and proceding north a short distance, there will be Vindicator ammo and Autogun ammo.
  • Within sight of the second set of breakable boulders, there is a third Mining Laser.
  • In the northernmost room there are four Personal Healing Kits, two Ammo kits, and on the southern balcony, PDW ammo and Rifle ammo.
  • Two PDAs can be found on this map.


  • At the end of the map, there is a walkway with a raised bridge that can be lowered. Taking this path allows a squad to destroy most eggs and Parasites from above, avoiding infestation.
  • The path to the Bloodhound only opens after the computer hack at the end has been completed.

Speed RunEdit


  • Timor in Latin, translates to the noun fear.

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