Story Edit

Multiple colonies on Tilarus-5 have sent a distress signal. IAF Command is sending your squad to aid in personnel evacuation and to minimize casualties.

Missions Edit

Midnight Port Edit

  • Gain access to GeoTerra Facility
  • Open main gate
  • Procede [sic] Towards Long Dawn

Road to Dawn Edit

  • Take Dock Overseer's ID
  • Activate SuperBlast doors
  • Hold Position
  • Go to next area

Arctic Infiltration Edit

  • Gain access into the facility
  • Power up the generators
  • Download data from the computers
  • Proceed deeper into the facility

Area9800 Landingzone Edit

Note: this mission is (almost?) the same as Area 9800's first mission, Landing Zone.

  • Clear the Hangar
  • Activate Bridge
  • Go to the Extraction Point

Cold Catwalks Edit

  • Disable the alarm
  • Secure the antidote receipt

Yanaurus Mine Edit

  • Gain entrance to the facility
  • Search the facility for survivors

The Factory Edit

  • Destroy Swarm Eggs 0/15

Communication Center Edit

  • Restore power to the complex for entry
  • Destroy Swarm Eggs 0/26
  • Access the upstairs computer
  • Escape

SynTek Hospital Edit

  • Restore Power

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