Tarnor is a desert planet, and home to the Oasis colony. Tarnor orbits a red giant known as Sanguine's Eye in the Sanguine system. It first appears in the Tears for Tarnor campaign.


Tarnor orbits closest to Sanguine's Eye an aging red giant in the Sanguine star system. There are two other planets, one being a gas giant named Tempest, similar to Saturn, the other being Dorn a Pluto like rock known to the colonists as "Sentinel". With a thin atmosphere, and reddish colour, Tarnor could be described as Mars-like except that proximity to its star results in baking heat during the day. The Sanguine system is located in a part of space crisscrossed by many trade routes, but very few colonised worlds, as most stars in the sector lack habitable planets.[1]

News ReportsEdit

Silence 10/57Edit

In October of 2257, all communication with Oasis colony suddenly ceased, and the guidance systems of the spaceport went down. As the colony is not directly affiliated with any external body, no one knew who to turn to for answers. No one knew what had happened, only that for every moment that Oasis remained closed, a great many people were losing a great deal of money. Eventually the IAF were asked to investigate, and (after filling out the appropriate paper work) dispatched a team of marines to discover why the 'jewel of the desert' had gone silent.[1]


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