Separation of Weapons & EquipmentEdit

Are you uncomfortable with the current separation between the Weapon and Equipment categories? If so please speak out so that we may reach a consensus on how to handle the issue going forward. --Basique 00:05, July 24, 2010 (UTC)

I made my opinion clear in the Equipment discussion page, but simply, if you feel that a distinction should be made between non-lethal and lethal equipment, that can be simply done with changing the highlight color of the text or even just adding an asterisk. Also, I find the separation inconsistent, since items that inflict freeze on swarm are also non-lethal, and the x33 Damage Amplifier is also (by itself) non-lethal.ChaoSpectre 00:21, July 24, 2010 (UTC)

The damage multiplier is only effective when used with a weapon, it has no passive properties. And freeze weapons are used to effect lethal solutions, that is why they are both listed as weapons. There is no inconsistency that I can see. The only thing I regret is not including the Heal Gun and Heal Beacon under Equipment. --Basique 01:42, July 24, 2010 (UTC)
Freeze weapons do not NEED to be used to "effect lethal solutions." Stun (or Freeze) and Run tactics are not uncommon. And your logic concerning the x33 Damage Amplifier should also apply to the Combat Flares. The only legitimately passive thing about it by your standards (the fact that it emits light) is something for which I have never seen it used. The particular situation mentioned in the Combat Flares article (the shaded area in front of the Area in SynTek Residential) provides enough light to see oncoming swarm clearly. If Combat Flares are on a loadout, it's because the player is new and forgot to change to something useful, or is using it for the autoaim bonus. And Auto Aim, like Damage Amplification, is only effective when used with a weapon. --ChaoSpectre 02:04, July 24, 2010 (UTC)
You are making an arbitrary distinction. Night vision goggles are not going to do you a lick of good if you don't react to what you see, ie: use a weapon on a swarm that's coming for you. Same with the flash light. Adrenaline is a ridiculously effective tool to use and guess what? Like the damage amp it's best used with a weapon. Everything is a piece of equipment, hence the rationale behind renaming the previously weapons page to equipment. I prefer navigational efficiency. It is quicker to have all the equip-able items on a single page and have sections on the same page to categorize things rather than forcing a browser to flip between two pages/tabs when they are looking for information to help them decide what kind of load out will be effective for their play style or situation. You generally only split off a wiki page into separate pages if the content on a particular section has grown to a point where it is best served having its own navigational structure. That is not the case in this situation. What has happened in this situation is a break in navigational flow, and that is what I'm opposed to. --Mysteana 02:19, July 24, 2010 (UTC)
You might want to drop in on the discussion on the Equipment page, we seem to have reached a tentative consensus. All the secondary items will reside under Equipment. --Basique 04:18, July 24, 2010 (UTC)

Table PresentationEdit

We have some nice formatting on this page for the organization of the items, but the fact that the borders are currently invisible makes the presentation seem a bit odd. Does anyone agree? Is there anything we can do? The global formatting doesn't make tables look very nice. ChaoSpectre 00:21, July 24, 2010 (UTC)

Heh, well you're looking at the guy who made the invsible tables. They're probably not to many people's tastes, you can easily change it in the rich text editor by right clicking the table and changing the border size to anything more than 0. We could always have a vote on it if you really want, but the general rule is, change it, and if it sticks, it stays. --Erthilo 02:40, July 24, 2010 (UTC)

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