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SynTek Megacorporation, Inc. provides most of the in game equipment used by the Interstellar Armed Forces to protect the Interstellar Alliance. SynTek operated the Phalanx Space Station, a shadowy research facility located in the Luyten system. Their corporate headquarters are located on Tokyo York Island, Earth.

SynUp ColaEdit

SynTek manufactures SynUp Cola the favored beverage of both the Marine Technical Specialists, but despised by both Medics due to its addictive properties.

News reportsEdit

SynTek calls for reevaluation of mechanoid assault droid lawsEdit

"After losing control of yet another mining/refinery plant on the outlying worlds, the SynTek Megacorporation is calling for the Interstellar Alliance to reevaluate its laws on military androids. Law currently prohibits any non-IAF party from manufacturing or deploying mechanoids capable of harming biological lifeforms and even the IAF has only used its military droids on remote worlds with minimum civilian exposure." "These tight laws have been in place since the Rosebloom Pleasure World Massacre of '84, in which a single malfunctioning droid destroyed the Starport and communications array, then systematically killed over a million tourists before it was disabled by a group of IAF marines on shore leave."

SynTek Establish New Mining Colony 12/15/52Edit

"The SynTek Megacorporation today reported establishment of a new deep space mining colony on the outer edges of the SX-2833-87P cluster. They also announced immediate shipment of a civilian fleet of workers to the planet." "Demonstrations continue outside the SynTek Headquarters on the Tokyo York Island, Earth, over perceived working conditions on the colonies and low pay, allegations SynTek deny strongly." "SynTek Stock rose 5 points with the news of the new colony."

SynTek accused of Droid Law violations 12/19/52Edit

"An anonymous source recently contacted the IA with supposed proof that the SynTek Megacorporation is using reprogrammed military androids in some of its chemical facilities. If the allegations are true, SynTek would be in violation of not just military law, but also several employment laws." "The source has also accused SynTek of using an S-300 Scavenger series droid, a highly unreliable model reserved for use by the IAF on remote planets far from possible civilian contact." "A SynTek spokesman has commented on the allegations, stating 'These rumours are completely false. No one would want to get near an S-300 after the Rosebloom Pleasure World Massacre in '36. SynTek's Robotics division follows the IA standards to the letter.'" "SynTek closed several of their chemical facilities shortly after the accusations came to light, claiming no connection to the allegations, but citing reasons of normal obsolescence."

New Cellular Processes Discovered 12/19/52Edit

"It is well understood that the human brain requires a steady supply of chemical energy to function properly. SynTek Research Scientist Dr Lucas Weinburg recently announced his discovery of the genetic program which regulates this energy supply." "Having identified the receptor which controls the process, Dr Lucas is able to alter the supply and allow longer periods of consciousness. 'Eight out of 10 test subjects have easily switched from a 24 hour cycle to a 29 hour one with no ill effects,' said Lucas." "'Subjects feel healthy, strong, refreshed and ready for productive work. Only two have complained about feeling unfocused'. His tests also show that seven of the 10 subjects have stopped dreaming during their sleeping period." "If this technique passes long term safety tests, this could be another sensational medical achievement for the SynTek Megacorporation."

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