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User Alex Tanner
Location SynTek Residential
User: Alex Tanner

From: Kate Edwards Date: 12/22/52 Subject: Timothy
Dear Mr. Tanner,

Have you seen Timothy by any chance? Stupid cat didn't come home again. I know he likes you, so if comes around would you mind giving me a call? Thanks.

K. Edwards

From: Muriel Blanc Date: 12/21/52 Subject: Dear Mrs. Kate Edwards
Our duty officers found six bottles of Isothamine 23 when they scanned order 9476-B. This delivery was addressed to you. As you are no doubt aware, it is illegal to buy, own or sell this product anywhere in the Outer Rim. (#205-P/7.7.12) Please call (+34987) and make an arrangement with one of our security officers immediately.

Muriel Blanc, SynTek Customs and Taxes

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