Starships are used for interstellar travel, currently manufactured by Spacefarer Inc.


  • 'Bloodhound' is an IAF dropship piloted by Lt. Williams used to insert and extract the marines during the Jacob's Rest campaign. It is armed with four side mounted turrets, and likely two more turrets + rocket pods in the front. In Deima Surface Bridge, Lt. Williams uses a side light on Bloodhound to light up the bridge, and provides firepower in the form of two side-mounted turrets. He then lowers the dropship to act like a bridge to help the Marines reach the end of the level.


Sleeperships are used for long-distance colony transports, manned by skeleton crews while passengers are in hypersleep.


Troopships are interplanetary military transport ships used by the IAF. They use hypersleep cryopods.

  • The 'USS Actaeon' and the 'USS Endurance' are IAF troopships featured in Alien Swarm 2K4 and its community expansion campaigns.

Other TypesEdit

  • Cruiser: the IAF maintains several combat ready cruisers. Some large corporations like Telic also own their own fleets of warships.
  • Freighter: freighters are massive Leviathan class starships used by United Industries to resupply the colony worlds.
  • Transport shuttle: orbital to ground civilian landers, also known as "shuttles".

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