A Starship is a means of interstellar travel, currently manufactured by Spacefarer Inc..

Known typesEdit

  • Cruiser: the IAF maintains several combat ready cruisers. Some large corporations like Telic also own their own fleets of warships.
  • Dropship: combat vehicle used by the IAF. In the game the Dropship piloted by Lieutenant Williams is called the Bloodhound.
  • Freighter: freighters are massive Leviathan class starships used by United Industries to resupply the colony worlds.
  • IAF Troopship: interplanetary military transport used by the IAF. Uses hypersleep cryopods. The Actaeon and Endurance are troopships.
  • Sleeper ship: colony transport ships, manned by skeleton crews while passengers are in hypersleep. The Titanic was a sleeper ship.
  • Transport shuttle: orbital to ground civilian landers, also known as "shuttles".

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