Spacefarer Inc. is a megacorporation that manufactures Starships. Their long-distance passenger ship the 'Titanic' fell victim to a vicious Swarm attack, despite their best attempts to build an "impenetrable" sleeper ship. Passengers on Spacefarer Inc. ships are traditionally placed in Hypersleep.

News ReportsEdit

Swarm attack claims 'Indestructable' Passenger ShipEdit

"After an impressive launch last October, the interstellar long-distance passenger ship 'Titanic' fell victim to a vicious Swarm attack. Despite Spacefarer Inc.'s best attempts to build an impenetrable sleeper ship, the bugs still managed to puncture the hull and kill all 15,000 civilians resting in hypersleep and the skeleton crew. The ship was found drifting off course near the Alpha Minor star system, where IAF forces have commandeered the vessel until further notice."

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