User Brian Howe
Location Rydberg Reactor
User: Brian Howe

From: Laura Callen Date: 12/21/52 Subject: Flow of information
Mr. Howe,

Why didn't you inform me about the eggs you and your crew found in the mine last week. Unless you can provide a sound justification for this lapse, I will have to file a report.

L. Callen

From: Laura Callen Date: 12/21/52 Subject: Re: Re: Flow of information
Mr. Howe,

I've checked my records but I don't see your memo. This is worrying. I've talked to the system administrator, in hopes of finding some sort of explanation.

I'll take the next train to Timor Station. Arriving at 0845. Could you pick me up?

L. Callen

To: Laura Callen Date: 12/21/52 Subject: Re: Flow of information
Dear Ms. Callen,

I DID follow procedure. I mailed you a detailed memo 6 days ago. I also mailed you about the security issues we've been having lately in Timor Station. Two workers went missing on Monday and today we had a fatality. My men are exhausted from working doubleshifts. The heat is oppressive, and they are starting to hallucinate from fatigue--reporting unexplained noises and such. I'd like you to talk to SynTek and see that things improve around here ASAP.

B. Howe

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