Rosebloom Pleasure World is a garden colony in an unnamed star system.

News ReportsEdit

SynTek calls for reevaluation of mechanoid assault droid lawsEdit

"After losing control of yet another mining/refinery plant on the outlying worlds, the SynTek Megacorporation is calling for the Interstellar Alliance to reevaluate its laws on military androids. Law currently prohibits any non-IAF party from manufacturing or deploying mechanoids capable of harming biological lifeforms and even the IAF has only used its military droids on remote worlds with minimum civilian exposure." "These tight laws have been in place since the Rosebloom Pleasure World Massacre of '84, in which a single malfunctioning droid destroyed the Starport and communications array, then systematically killed over a million tourists before it was disabled by a group of IAF marines on shore leave."

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