Portrait of a character reloading.

Reloading is the act of exchanging a partially-used ammo clip for a fresh one. By default, emptying a clip automatically triggers a reload. When reloading, a reload bar is displayed next to your character's portrait, indicating progress. The Reload Speed Bonus skill decreases the time it takes to reload weapons.

Ammo and reloading in Alien Swarm are clip-based. If you reload a weapon with a clip that was only partially depleted, the ammo remaining in that clip is lost. It is therefore important to squeeze as many bullets as possible from each clip before reloading to conserve ammo. You cannot reload a weapon whose clip is full, or if you've run out of spare clips.


  • Reloading continues when you are using melee attacks, but is interrupted for several seconds if you roll.
  • To cancel a reload in progress, switch weapons or initiate an evasive roll.
  • A fast reload is a special technique that cuts reload time roughly in half.
  • If you'd rather not have the game automatically reload an empty weapon, use the following console command:
asw_auto_reload 0
  • You can also choose to display a reload bar under your marine:
asw_fast_reload_under_marine 1

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