One of the few swarm lifeforms with a ranged attack, Rangers launch a volley of acidic projectiles over moderate to long distances, harassing squads from afar. Individually they are weak and their projectiles can be evaded by the quick-witted, but they can prove to be a nuisance in numbers or when supported by Drones. Rangers are tougher than Drones and can take quite a beating - on Insane, a Ranger can even survive a direct grenade hit. On Normal difficulty with Onslaught mode disabled, they are first encountered in Deima Surface Bridge.


  • As soon as a Ranger spreads out its limbs, it cannot turn until it has shot in the direction it is currently facing. Use this opportunity to circle around for a melee attack or prepare to roll out of the way of its projectiles.
  • Rangers have a difficult time firing at marines at a different elevation.



  • They have giant claws/teeth but never use them, even if they're being attacked at melee range.

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