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Type Tank/Ranged
Threat Rating Very High
Tactics Tentacles, Projectiles
Strengths Very high health,

Locks player movement with tentacles

Weaknesses Moves somewhat slowly, Cannot move while in "crouched" position


The Queen is a red and black spider-like creature included in the SDK. It is fully animated, but does not make an appearance in the initial release campaign, Jacob's Rest. It has five health bars and can lock players into place while dealing damage to them with tentacles that come out of the ground. It can also enter a "crouched" position to fire a volley of 3 acid shots. It is a boss-type enemy that would have appeared in the unused SynTek Labs map.


  • A marine can escape from her tentacles by using their melee attack.


  • Some parts of her body are curiously similar to the Alien Queen from the movie Aliens.

UT 2k4 AppearanceEdit

The Queen was present in the UT2K4 version of Alien Swarm. There, it was able to infest any marines close to it.


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