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A promotion is a special option available to players who reach level 27. Electing to receive a promotion returns the player to level 1 and re-locks all of their unlocked weapons, but players who have been promoted display a special medal icon next to their name in the lobby. Players can be promoted up to six times. Upon reaching level 27, a button labelled 'Promote' will be displayed next to the experience level in the lobby. Clicking it will activate a confirmation screen for the promotion. Promotions provide no in-game benefits, and serve merely as a badge of honor to indicate one's experience with the game.

Please note that as you promote along the medals. It gets gradually harder to level up.

Eg from level 1 - 2 after your first promotion would be significantly easier than level 1 - 2 after your fifth promotion


Originally the game shipped with the Titanium Star, Carbide Star, and Gallium Cross Promotions. In the August 23rd update, three new higher level promotions were added: the Platinum Star, Osmium Star, and Iridium Medallion.


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