A Steam news article listing the effects of a patch

Patches are updates to the game that fix bugs, add new features and tweak maps.

July 13, 2012 Edit

  • Added latest localization files.
  • Fixed a crash when viewing the Achievements screen in a non-English language.

July 7, 2012 Edit

  • Added shader source code.
  • Matchmaking system supports mods with more than 4 players.
  • Mods store their config.cfg separately from the base game.

April 15, 2011 Edit

  • Allow XP gain on custom maps.
  • Fixed a camera prediction bug.
  • Added .smd and .qc files for the marine and drone to the SDK

October 11, 2010 Edit

  • Added TTF font support
  • Fixed an engine exploit[1]

August 23, 2010 Edit

August 9, 2010 Edit

August 5, 2010 Edit

  • Fixed Assault Jets using up more than one charge when you have high ping
  • Fixed HLMV material loading when running a mod
  • Fixed a Steam cloud bug in the SDK source code[4]

July 30, 2010 Edit

  • Fixed XP/Level transferring to a new player using an old player's PC
  • Addon VPKs get priority over base VPKs
  • Added -override_vpk command line option to make loose files have priority over VPKs
  • Stopped spawners shutting down completely when an alien is blocking the location for more than 5 ticks in a row.[5]

July 26, 2010 Edit

  • Fixed performance issues on SynTek Residential
  • Added Dedicated Server Browser to the main menu
  • Cheat protected marine skill values.[6]

July 23, 2010 Edit

  • The Vindicator's grenade explosion effect should no longer crash users running a GTX260 graphics card.
  • Fixed a bug where marines would continue to be buffed by the Damage Amp if they were standing in it when it expired.
  • Fixed ammo usage on the Tesla Cannon to properly decrease 4 times a second instead of 2 (doubled clip size to account for this).
  • Rebalanced Tesla Cannon's damage to encourage it to be used more as a support weapon.
  • Tesla Cannon will now use ammo slowly even when it isn't damaging something.
  • Fixed Unicode text chat[7]

July 22, 2010 Patch 2 Edit

  • Matchmaking distinguishes between games in progress and games in the briefing
  • Updated Hammer's simple compile options
  • Fixed fast reload sounds and incidental marine conversations[8]

July 22, 2010 Patch 1 Edit

  • Fixed crash to desktop on certain graphics cards
  • Fixed matchmaking sending you to the wrong mission
  • Fixed not being able to earn the "Ammo Technician" achievement
  • Fixed not being able to open particle systems in the editor[9]

July 21, 2010 Edit

  • Fixed weapon switch key in the 360 controller config
  • XP and level are stored in the Steam Cloud
  • Fixed duplicate rows in the "Find Public Games" screen
  • Reduced screen shake when you have high ping
  • Fixed dedicated server always starting in LAN mode
  • Fixed custom item button binds not displaying properly on HUD
  • Fixed full network updates causing duplicate client ragdolls to spawn
  • Added console commands to change game access on the fly (make_game_public and make_game_friends_only)
  • Fixed welding icon sometimes getting stuck above player's head
  • Fixed HUD elements being cut off in ultra wide resolutions
  • Removed cheat flag from a number of cosmetic console commands
  • Now firing, meleeing, or reloading while welding will break you out of the weld
  • Fixed spectators earning achievements
  • Fixed infinite ammo exploit
  • Fixed XP exploit[10]


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