A list of all the unique PDA Correspondents by their relevant locations. For a complete listing see Personal Digital Assistants.


List of Correspondents by first appearance.

Landing BayEdit

  • Brian Howe (Brian)
  • Helen Young
  • Laura Callen
  • Brad Campbell
  • John Cain (Lt. Cain)

Deima Surface BridgeEdit

  • Shaun Ming
  • David Anders

Rydberg ReactorEdit

  • John Doe
  • Sean Bale

SynTek ResidentialEdit

  • Alex Tanner
  • Kate Edwards
  • Muriel Blanc
  • Shaun Ming

Timor StationEdit

  • Dr.PharmA MedTech.

Unused LocationsEdit


  • Charles Rivera (SysAdmin)
  • Dr. Miller
  • Phil Ryan


  • Juan Rosales
  • Vincent Baker

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