User Brad Campbell
Location SynTek Residential
User: Brad Campbell

From: David Anders Date: 12/12/52 Subject: Env suits
Jeez Brad, the heat is getting unbearable. We found another lava field near tunnel 11, so things are not likely to improve. What about those env suits?


To: David Anders Date: 12/12/52 Subject: Env suits
Hi Dave,

I ordered them a long time ago. Don't know why they weren't in the last supply shuttle. All I can do is complain, which I'm doing, but you know how much good that does. By the way, I heard rumors about Daxol abuse on the rise again. Can you keep an eye out?

Cheers, Brad.

From: David Anders Date: 12/14/52 Subject: Daxol

Damn it. I talked to Pete and Kovac. They openly admit that people have started using Daxol again on a regular basis. Just when we thought things were getting back to normal. What do you want me to do?

To: David Anders Date: 12/14/52 Subject: Daxol

Thanks. I'll have a chat with them. I don't want to report it. I've always said the workers should be paid per hour, not for how fast they can dig holes into that damned rock. Not much we can do about it.

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