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User Lt. Cain
Location Timor Station
User: Lt. Cain

From: Laura Callen Date: 12/21/52 Subject: Laboratory contamination
Lt. Cain,

I want a full report about events on Deck 2. Include nature of the leak, blueprints, list of personnel with clearance to the labs, etc. I am getting tired of having to ask for this each time something comes up. You should be keeping me updated on a regular basis. I just returned from Timor Station. There's another report of two missing miners. Sounds vaguely like a security issue. So why haven't I seen any of your staff down there?

L. Callen

From: Laura Callen Date: 12/23/52 Subject: Fwd: Laboratory Contamination
Lt. Cain,

Still no update. I am out of patience. Consider this formal notice that I will be filing a report about your behaviour with the Interstellar Alliance. I'm also ordering further IA personnel to Vereon XII in order to obtain a clear picture of the situation. I will expect you to meet me at 1100 at reception.

L. Callen

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