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The Marines are the playable characters in Alien Swarm. They all have different skill sets that differentiate between each marine.

Alien Swarm SourceEdit

Main article: Alien Swarm Source

In the Source version of Alien Swarm there are 8 playable IAF marines:

Playable CharactersEdit

Sarge Jaeger Wildcat Wolfe Faith Bastille Crash Vegas
Sarge Jaegar Wildcat Wolfe Faith Bastille Crash Vegas

Non-Player CharactersEdit


Alien Swarm 2K4Edit

Main article: Alien Swarm 2K4

In the original Unreal Tournament 2004 mod there were 8 playable ISAF marines. Explosives marines were replaced by Officers, Special Weapons Marines became Special Weapons, Medical Officers became Medics, and Technical Marines became Technical Specialists. And ISAF became IAF. The Allied Systems from the original game later became one half of the Interstellar Alliance alongside the Core Systems. All characters remain the same in the Valve version, except for Private Gareth Flynn who was replaced by Vegas. An updated portrait of Flynn is available in the Alien Swarm Source SDK. In the original game, Lieutenant Williams was a black Android.

Playable CharactersEdit

Sarge Jaeger Wildcat Wolfe Faith Bastille Crash Flynn
Sarge2k4 Jaeger Wildcat2k4 Wolfe2k4 Faith2k4 Bastille2k4 Crash2k4 Flynn2k4

Non-Player CharactersEdit


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