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M42 Vindicator
Class Officer
Damage per shot 105
Rate of fire 1.5 / sec.
Reload speed 2.8 sec.
Capacity 14 x 6
Alternate fire 5 Incendiary Grenades
Notes High Damage, Close Range


The M42 Vindicator is the first available shotgun in Alien Swarm. It is available at the start but only to Officers. It fills the typical role of close-combat sweeping and features an excellent amount of stopping power coupled with a faster firing rate than the Model 35 Pump-action Shotgun.


  • High stopping power
  • Large magazine and ammo capacity
  • Alt-fire incendiary grenades


  • Ineffective at range


The M42 Vindicator is a pneumatic assisted pump-action shotgun with a dual, selective magazine system. IAF standard ammunition loadout provides for 12-gauge rounds in one magazine and a number of timed incendiary grenades in the other. The Vindicator is only issued to NCO rank marines.


  • Do not underestimate the Vindicator's stopping power. On most difficulty levels, a close-range blast will kill a Drone or a Ranger - and often one or two more nearby aliens, due to the spread. This is perfect for an Officer taking the point position.
  • The Vindicator can be fired fast enough to kill targets at long range, but this tactic is not recommended because of the amount of ammunition it consumes.
  • The incendiary grenades add a potent tactical option. The fiery explosion and subsequent afterburn is perfect for weakening or killing a pack. On the higher difficulty levels, the combination of an incendiary grenade followed by one or two blasts from the Vindicator itself is more than capable of defeating a charge.
  • Line up several Drones before taking a shot if possible. This conserves ammo and allows you to kill more than one enemy at once.

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