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User John Cain
Location Landing Bay
User: John Cain

From: Laura Callen Date: 12/18/52 Subject: Outpost 17
Lt. Cain,

We just received word from B. Campbell that cargo delivery 4903877 contains organic material of unknown origin, all frozen and stored in containers. The destination of the cargo vessel is SynTek Research Station 7/Earth.

I'd like you to question your staff again and help me find out who's violating restriction #77-C. (IA must be informed about transfer of unknown organic material to Earth; 77-C/1.1.4)

Campbell is also reporting the disappearance of several workers. Colony security is your responsibility. I expect you to send enough personnel to keep the area secure.

L. Callen

From: Alena Date: 11/15/52 Subject: Re: Hi

Working outside the core systems can be a lonesome experience. Starfire SubNet Dating could be the answer to your troubles! Meet for a chat or maybe more? Call (+490387439)



To: Laura Callen Date: 12/21/52 Subject: Outpost 17
Ms. Callen,

I know all about restriction #77-C. We searched Outpost 17 and found the live cargo. We locked it up in sector 39 and it'll stay there until we get orders from the Interstellar Alliance on how to proceed. We have yet to find the missing personnel. It wouldn't be the first time some workers got drunk and disappeared for a day or two. Since nothing can ever really get lost on Vereon XII, I'm sure they'll show up soon. Mr. Campbell has orders to give me updates every 6 hours.

Lt. Cain, SynTek Security.

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