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User Laura Callen
Location Landing Bay
User: Laura Callen

From: Brad Campbell Date: 12/18/52 Subject: Re:Re: Eggs

Two of my men are unreachable. One group reported strange noises when searching Sector 24. Could've been anything. This place is falling to pieces.

What about those extra men?

From: Brad Campbell Date: 12/20/52 Subject: Need Help
Cortez, Jones and Stefani are dead. Limbs missing. Jones looks as if his legs got caught in a meatgrinder. Cain and some of his men arrived this morning, real pushy, asking about Delivery 4903877.

They told us to stay behind until they'd searched the area for the other missing personnel. I tapped a security terminals, watched them loading up the cargo vessel with those containers. Needless to say, they didn't come back.

We'll never be able to make it back to the main complex without a ride. Must be 50 degrees below out there. WTH is going on?!?

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