Story Edit

One of our weapon facility on Planet 137 has activated its maximum security defense system. IAF Special Forces are requested to investigate.

Missions Edit

Lana's Bridge Edit

  • Get access to the bridge.
  • Cross the bridge.
  • Infiltrate the facility.

Lana's Sewer Edit

  • Investigate abnormal signatures.
  • Proceed to the maintenance facility.

Lana's Maintenance Edit

  • Repair any damaged electrical devices.
  • Get the generator back online.
  • Get to the vents.

Lana's Vents Edit

  • Find your way out of the vents.
  • Input the correct detonation sequence.
  • Activate T75.
  • Escape!

Lana's Complex Edit

  • Obtain security codes.
  • Nuclear warhead.
  • Escape!

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