Karl Jaeger is the son of the son of a corpsman, military to his war-hardened bones. He's a hard-charging killing machine with a true warrior's spirit. He believes in the soul-freeing joy of combat and has always suspected he'll die in the line of duty. And if that happens, well, he can't imagine a better way to go.


  • "Good to go."
  • "Ich liebe diese Waffe."
  • "Never thought it would end like this."
  • "You guys still breathing?"
  • "That's the spirit!"


  • Jaeger is a different way of writing the German word 'Jäger', which means "hunter".
  • Corporal is a relatively low rank; Joseph Conrad's rank of Master Sergeant is much higher.
  • Jaeger seems to have gotten promoted between the games. (Wildcat: "Hey it's the same corps that made you sergeant.")
  • He has a war mohawk.
  • From time to time, Sarge mention Jaeger as Tex; Jaeger is believed that he came from Texas, according to this.

UT 2k4 BioEdit

Karl Jaeger is a large, strong man of German Descent. He has served in the IAF for a number of years and has known Conrad for a long time, having seen many battles together.

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