Karl Jaeger

Germany, Earth

Age 32
Health 125
Movement Speed 290
Class Officers Officers
Leadership Leadership 3 / 5
Vindicator Damage Vindicator Damage 5 / 5
Explosives Bonus Explosives Bonus 4 / 5
Health Bonus Health Bonus 3 / 5
Melee Damage Bonus Melee Damage Bonus 2 / 5

Jaeger is an IAF Officer Marine. He is the more specialized officer, with more emphasis on the Vindicator and certain explosives equipment.


Karl Jaeger is the son of the son of a corpsman, military to his war-hardened bones. He's a hard-charging killing machine with a true warrior's spirit. He believes in the soul-freeing joy of combat and has always suspected he'll die in the line of duty. And if that happens, well, he can't imagine a better way to go.


  • "Good to go!"
  • "Ich liebe diese Waffe."
  • "Never thought it would end like this."
  • "You guys still breathing?"
  • "That's the spirit!"


  • Jaeger is a different way of writing the German word 'Jäger', which means "hunter".
  • Corporal is a relatively low rank; Joseph Conrad's rank of Master Sergeant is much higher.
  • Jaeger seems to have gotten promoted between the games. (Wildcat: "Hey it's the same corps that made you sergeant.")
  • He has a war mohawk.
  • From time to time, Sarge mention Jaeger as Tex; Jaeger is believed that he came from Texas, according to this.

UT 2k4 BioEdit

Karl Jaeger is a large, strong man of German Descent. He has served in the IAF for a number of years and has known Conrad for a long time, having seen many battles together.

UT 2k4 AppearanceEdit


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