The Interstellar Alliance is made up of two separate political factions, the powerful Core Systems centered around Sol and made up of the founding worlds, and the far flung but more numerous colonies of the Allied Systems. Both the Core and Allied Systems are represented in the Alliance by their Senators.

Alliance SenateEdit

Main article: Alliance Senate

The Alliance Senate is an administrative body of the Interstellar Alliance where senators for the Core Systems and the Allied Systems meet to vote on issues that affect the Alliance.

Central EmbassyEdit

Main article: Central Embassy

The Central Embassy manages the Interstellar Alliance's expansionist initiative, is located on Earth. The Trade Leagues operate under its purview.

News ReportsEdit

Expansion Act 50th Anniversary "02/12/52"Edit

"Celebrations were held across the Interstellar Alliance today, showing support for the Interstellar Expansion Act of 2202. This wildly successful directive allows any registered entity to claim planets, moons and even entire star systems by right of first discovery." "The Act has been heavily used by major corporations, spurring expansion and colonization unseen in human history. The Act was put into place to encourage people to leave Earth, after dangerous overcrowding and high living costs put the homeworld's stability in danger." "A number of demonstrators were arrested outside the IA Central Embassy after they picketed the building, claiming the Act is responsible for fractioning humanity, citing the Chosen and the Humanist Protectorate as prime examples. A number of extremists also blame the Act and the IA for exposing humanity to the Swarm." "The celebrations were sponsored and organized by Trust Media, Paradise Supplies, United Industries and the SynTek Megacorporation, with a spokeman stating 'Relax, have fun, show your support! Then come to one of our recruitment centres and embrace the future!'"

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