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IAF Tesla Sentry Coil
Class: All
Duration N/A
Capacity 3
Secondary None
Notes Stuns In Radius
Level Unlocked 12


The IAF Tesla Sentry Coil is an unlockable loadout item that stuns and damages nearby enemies until it depletes its ammo, at which point it self-destructs. This item unlocks at level 12.


  • Stuns and slows affected enemies
  • Great for setting up a defensive position
  • Explodes when out of charges instead of powering down, killing any nearby Swarm


  • Relatively low damage
  • Cannot be moved once placed


Self assembles into active defense, and self destructs when out [of] power. Pulses high voltage arcs to stun nearby Swarm.


  • Tesla Coils are extremely useful in conjunction with sentry guns when guarding an area. The Coils can be placed in a Sentry's blind spots, allowing players to take cover behind said Sentry, picking off any enemies that the Sentry can't see at their leisure.
  • Coils are highly effective against multiple large enemies, particularly Shieldbugs. Coils will keep them stunned in one location, allowing you to slip past them or finish them off with ease.
  • You can help Tesla Coils conserve their ammo by shooting tougher enemies instead of waiting for the Coil to kill them on its own.
  • Dropping a Tesla Coil while on the move can stop attacks from the rear much faster than welding a door.

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