The IAF Power Fist Attachment is an Equipment item unlocked at level 20. When equipped, it passively doubles the damage of a marine's melee attacks.


  • Great for characters who rely on melee attacks, such as Medics carrying 2 healing items


  • Not so useful in most combat situations, as long as standard ranged weapons are used


The IAF Power Fist is an IAF developed combat suit attachment that boosts the damage of all melee attacks from the fist to the foot.


  • Use when you have no other options for weapons, such as a Medic using 2 healing items, or if you're carrying two Sentry Guns.
  • It's possible (though not advisable) to play a full melee character. Jaeger and Vegas are the the most suitable: equip them with a Chainsaw, a Flamer, and the Power Fist. Set your enemies on fire then knock 'em out! Switch to the Chainsaw for tougher enemies.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • The Power fist does not boost the damage of the Chainsaw. It was intended to but was not implemented. [1]


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