The IAF Medical Amplifier Gun is a variant of the Medical Gun which can be used to amplify damage output as well as to heal. Like the Medical Gun, this weapon is available only to Medics.


It has same amount of charges based on Medic's Heal Skill. Starts at 40 plus 10 per skill point.

The primary fire of the IAF Medical Amplifier Gun consumes ammo to heal or amplify damage output of the selected target (either oneself or an ally) depending on the selected mode. The alternate fire switches between these two modes.

Initially, the Medical Amplifier Gun is in the healing mode, and activating the primary fire will consume ammo to heal the selected target. The visual indicator is the same as for the Medical Gun. Only marines which are not at maximum health can be targeted while this mode is active.

The amplifying mode, which can target any marine, consumes ammo to apply the effect of the Damage Amplifier to the selected target, multiplying their damage output by 2 while the primary fire is channeled. The visual indicator is the same as that of the Damage Amplifier offhand.


  • Can heal or amplify on the move
  • Doesn't require marines to cluster together to receive healing
  • Fast healing rate


  • Only one target can be healed or amplified at a time
  • Lower overall healing capacity than Heal Beacons
  • Healing and amplification draw from the same ammo pool
  • Requires the Medic to concentrate on healing or amplification

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