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IAF High Velocity Sentry
High velocity sentry
Class All
Damage per shot 80
Rate of fire 0.6 / sec.
Capacity 25
Notes Long-Range, Splash Damage
Level unlocked 25


The IAF High Velocity Sentry Cannon is the explosive answer to the regular sentry gun. Although it only carries 25 rounds and cannot be reloaded, it fires explosive rounds and can kill swarms of aliens with the splash damage alone on most difficulties.


  • Shoots powerful explosive rounds capable of killing multiple enemies in a single shot
  • Intelligently aims and prioritizes the destruction of larger enemies
  • Very long range allows it to cover large areas, or long corridors


  • Severely limited ammunition compared to the regular sentry gun
  • Slow rate of fire
  • Fairly long setup time
  • Useless when on the move
  • Sentry AI will not avoid friendly fire


Fires high velocity slugs capable of dealing extreme amounts of damage over large distances and prioritizes the largest heat signitures (sic).


  • Stay near the sentry gun and protect it while it reloads. This will help you avoid its splash damage too.
  • The Sentry Cannon can be used to block doors and stairs, preventing non-flying Swarm from passing through. Turn the turret so it faces away if you want to conserve its ammo. Unlike the Swarm, you'll be able to move and fire through the Sentry Cannon for easy kills.

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