Hand Grenades are an equipment slot item unlocked at level 22. They can be thrown at an enemy or on the ground; they explode 4 seconds after being thrown or on contact with an alien, whichever comes first. Hand Grenades used by marines with the Explosives Bonus skill detonate once, then create a series of secondary cluster explosions, whose number and damage is based on their skill.


A set of highly explosive cluster grenades. Marines with greater explosives skills are issued grenades with more cluster charges.


  • Very high damage
  • Marines with Explosives Bonus skill can devastate incoming mobs


  • Inefficient compared to other explosive weapons (e.g. Hornet Barrage) when used by marines with no Explosives Bonus
  • High potential for friendly fire


  • Use when faced by a large group of enemies, preferably in an enclosed space with easy escape options for your squad to avoid friendly fire.

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