First Anomaly is the last map in Orion's Threat, one of the campaigns introduced in Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop.

Objectives Edit

  • Destroy Swarm Eggs 0/18

Clear the area

  • Access the industrial complex

Scanner shows that the path ahead is most likely blocked
Investigate the blockage and continue the route through industrial complex

  • More Eggs to Destroy {revealed after accessing industrial complex}

Deal with even more Swarm Eggs on the way

  • Download data and pass Airlocks {revealed after accessing industrial complex}

Download data to access Airloscks.
Then Pass Deeper inside.

  • Anomaly {revealed after airlocks are passed}

Scanner shows strange anomaly on the way
Investigate it.

  • Emmideately evacuation {revealed after anomaly is investigated}

Wait for lift to be clear
and evacuate!

Notes Edit

  • One of the rooms adjacent to the room containing the anomaly contains several Weapons and Equipment items as well as two Tech-only panels, each connected to a turret on the opposite side of the wall from the panel. One of the weapons is a 50CMG4-1, a .50-caliber minigun with a slightly slower fire rate than a full-auto rifle, a clip size of 200 and no reserve clips.

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