The Explosives Bonus skill increases the damage, blast radius, quantity, and duration of explosives.


Each point in Explosives Bonus has the following effect on Hand Grenades and the Grenade Launcher:

  • Increases blast radius by 20 (from a base of 280)
  • Increases damage by 10 (from a base of 80)
  • For Hand Grenades, each point adds a secondary cluster detonation. Sarge's and Crash's Hand Grenades cause an initial explosion, then two smaller ones; Jaeger's cause an initial explosion, then four smaller ones.

Each point also affects the following items:

  • Increases each Hornet Barrage's missile damage by 1 (from a base of 50)
  • Increases the freeze duration of Freeze Grenades by 0.3 second
  • Increases the firewall duration of Incendiary Mines by 5 seconds (from a base of 10), and firewall width (Jaeger's firewalls are approximately 33% wider than Sarge's)
  • Increases the damage and splash radius of the Explosive Sentry

The skill allows a character to place multiple Trip Mines at once with each of the 12 uses in a pack:

  • Sarge and Crash place 2 mines at once, totaling to 24 mines in a pack.
  • Jaeger places 3 mines at once, totaling to 36 mines in a pack.

Also affects the Assault Rifles frag-grenades.

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