Alien Swarm 2K4 artwork

This article lists all the various development teams that have worked on Alien Swarm properties. They are listed by game engine, and then by campaign whenever possible. All team members are primarily listed by their known aliases, but real names should be added if they are available.

Alien Swarm: Reactive DropEdit

Main article: Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop

Main teamEdit

  • Dmitriy:

Alien Swarm SourceEdit

Main article: Alien Swarm Source

Main teamEdit

  • Cythe:
  • Dalai:

Alien Swarm 2K4Edit

Main article: Alien Swarm 2K4

Main teamEdit

  • Cythe: Skins, 2D Art and voice.
  • Dalai: Code, design and animations.
  • DusKer: Design, concept art and the Ortega campaign.
  • Solaris: Level design, models, skins, sound, music, and voice.

Code contributorsEdit

  • Eljoelio: contributed initial AI code.
  • Nachimir: built Deep space freighter Aspirant.
  • Predator: built the Sentry Gun model.
  • Ulukai: built the BioLab Facility.

Voice actorsEdit

  • DeepQantas, Hidden_Wolfe, Lizanneh, Microwave, Mordengaard, Raven and BrokenArts.

QA testersEdit

  • Omega, DeepQantas, Chainsaws, Wildbill, Biohazard, Immortius, TheAlbaniac, SMithy, Master-Builder and Nachimir.

Alien Swarm 2K4: PhalanxEdit

Main teamEdit

  • MjrHuRTz: Level Design, Coding, Writer

Alien Swarm 2K4: TelicEdit

Main teamEdit

  • Butters: Hacking, Level Design, Team Coordination
  • Donator: Level Design, Coding, Writer, Voice Actor
  • smattbac': Code Magician, Level Design, All-Rounder
  • Sniper1: Models and Animations, Level Design, Web Wizard
  • Steroids: Music and Sounds, Level Design, Promo Vid

Code contributorsEdit

  • Big_D: Coding and Mapping Support, Testing
  • Carth: 2D-Art, Testing
  • Mek: 2D Art, Mapping, Web Support
  • Renzatic: built "AO-Fuel"
  • Sithlegend: built weapon models, Annihilation Arsenal
  • Spinefinger: for the Shenk concept
  • SquirrelZero: designed dynamic flashlight code, lead coder Frag.Ops

Voice actorsEdit

  • DeepQantas, Mordengaard, Broken Arts, Dana

QA testersEdit

  • Baz, Killer-MK1, MjrHurtz, Cpt.Exo, UArch, Mac_Jedi

Alien Swarm 2K4: Escape From RheaEdit

  • Donator: Coder, Lead Mapper
  • Butters': Coding, Creative Support
  • Nodata': Level Design, AS 1.32 Tester
  • Sniper1: Modeling, Level Design, Textures, Cowboy Pilot
  • Steroids: Music

QA testersEdit

  • DelXander, Felix, Fuzzy Bunny, Killer-Mk1, lightfoot, Moses2k, NoData, reemulmyu, x-newbie...

External linksEdit

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