Overview Edit

A large caliber pistol, designed to provide the most firepower possible in smallest package. However, it does so at expense of magazine capacity. It is unlocked at Level 28. It has a flashlight attachment, but it provides no light unless a Flashlight Attachment offhand item is equipped.

Advantages Edit

  • High damage per shot, higher than the dedicated sniper weapons
  • Faster firing rate than the M73 Twin Pistols

Disadvantages Edit

  • Small magazine size
  • Damage per shot cannot be augmented by any Skills
  • Shots do not overpenetrate, unlike the dedicated sniper weapons

Description Edit

This weapon currently has no in-game description.

Strategy Edit

The Desert Eagle is a good weapon for Medics and Technical Specialists, classes which are generally not on the front lines of combat and often sacrifice a weapon slot for a healing device, an Ammo Satchel, or a Sentry.

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