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Damage Amped
Damage Amped
Difficulty Easy
Description Kill 15 Swarm with all four marines under the effects of a Damage Amp in a single mission.
Repeatable Yes?

Damage Amped is a Steam Achievement that requires you to kill 15 Swarm while all 4 marines are under the effect of a Damage Amplifier.


  • This can be obtained with relative ease if the team's cooperative enough. Just tell your squad to group up during an ambush and drop the Amp.
  • The easiest place to achieve this is during the Cargo Elevator mission. After the slow-motion sequence on the elevator, pick a spot, drop the Damage Amp, tell your squad to group up, and start killing the Swarm that drop down.
  • The achievement is awarded to the whole team, not only to the person who dropped the Damage Amplifier.

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