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The Core Systems are the oldest, most powerful, and important worlds and star systems in the Interstellar Alliance, they are the founding worlds.

Member worldsEdit

  • Earth: birthplace of the human race, located in Sol system.
  • Mars: the first world colonized by the human race, located in Sol system.

News ReportsEdit

Refugees flow into S-N5 constellation 12/18/52Edit

"Scattered groups of refugees continue to arrive at the S-N5 constellation on the outskirts of Paradise space. Survivors have been arriving at the system ever since Swarm attacks destroyed a number of independant colonies last month." "It is believed the attacks originated from the Anhaven Ruins, but many analysts are concerned that the Swarm attacks have reached so deep into Alliance space. 'This could be the precursor to a larger attack which may even reach the Core Systems,' says Dr McArthur, a noted analyst of Swarm movements." "An officer from Paradise Supplies has requested IA support for dealing with the refugees, but has generously offered them all Paradise work contracts within the colonies."

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