The marines are the playable characters in Alien Swarm. They all have different skill sets based on their class that differentiate between each marine. Additionally there are some non-playable characters ingame too.

Playable CharactersEdit

In the Source versions of Alien Swarm there are 8 playable IAF marines in 4 classes and 2 NPCs:


The Officer uses Officer Skills, and applies damage and defense buffs to nearby squadmates. They are harder to kill than some marines.

Special WeaponsEdit

The Special Weapons marine uses Special Weapons Skills and has a higher overall damage capability. They are good at mowing down swarms.


The Medic uses Medic Skills, and has access to a variety of mass or singular healing tools to heal friendly marines and counter infestations from parasites.


The Technical Specialist uses Tech Skills, and can hack security consoles. They are necessary for the completion of most missions.

Non-Player CharactersEdit

Alien Swarm 2K4 NotesEdit

In the original Unreal Tournament 2004 mod some things were different.

See alsoEdit

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