The Alliance Senate is an administrative body of the Interstellar Alliance where senators for the Core Systems and the Allied Systems meet to vote on issues that affect the Alliance. Not much is known about the structure and hierarchy of Alliance government.

News ReportsEdit

IAF plans to retake Antheon Moon 12/19/52Edit

"General C. Morrison recently announced that the IAF are sending another 12,000 troops to defend the Antheon system from the encroaching Swarm. The additional troops will be attempting to regain control of the human colony on the 5th moon of Antheon Prime." "Senator Tom Wearing of the Interstellar Alliance responded by calling the move a 'serious mistake' in his public address this morning." "'I believe we are spreading our forces too thin,' said the Senator, adding, 'we should recall all our troops to Antheon Prime. The 5th moon is already lost.'"

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